Hedgerow Cider from Cornish Orchards

From the hedgerows of Cornwall, through the orchard and to your glass. We’re excited to introduce a new addition to our bar – Cornish Orchards Hedgerow Cider.

Inspired by the wild berries and fruits of the Cornish countryside, Hedgerow Cider is a clean, crisp cider, made with Jonagold apples, blended with blackberries and wild sloes. Having tried and tested many flavour variants, Cornish Orchards worked hard to deliver a true wild fruit taste.

Blackberries and sloes offer a lovely contrast and is a shift away from any other flavoured ciders you might have tried before.

“Made with freshly pressed apple juice, the cider is fermented at ambient Cornish winter temperatures, typically over a six to eight week period. This is then followed by a minimum 3 month maturation process to develop character, aroma and flavour. The cider then undergoes a final filtration before it is packaged on the Cornish Orchards farm in Duloe, Cornwall.”

With distinct pride in quality, Cornish Orchards only use fresh fruit fermentation in the making of their cider, which is grown around the South West (Somerset, Devon and Cornwall). The fruit is hand graded and pressed on site. They never cut corners, meaning their products are always consistent in flavour and quality. Ciders do not need to be heavily sweetened and full of concentrate in order to taste great.

One big factor that sets Cornish Orchards aside from bigger players in the cider industry, is that they do not force their maturation period. They do not use temperature controlled fermentation. The cider is left to rest and soften over the winter months. This is usually up to 8 weeks. This process ensures that their product, taste and flavour is the same each time.

And we’ll be celebrating its release with an exclusive event at Fistral Beach on the 28th of March.

Guests will be immersed in an evening of unrivalled tastes, sensory and culinary, all set against the panoramic views of the famous North Cornish coastline.

Starting at 6pm, the evening will unfold with entertainment from local singer/songwriter Maurice Amour, recently signed by Sony and set to tour Australia later this year.

With an introduction to Hedgerow and Cornish Orchards from the master behind the craft, Head Cider Maker Chris Newton, he’ll enthuse you with his knowledge and passion for everything cider related.

Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll also be featuring Hedgerow Cider on our new menu, coming soon.